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Wellness Program

Grooming Package

Choose from every 4, 6 or 8 weeks

What does this do for you??

Saves you time and money!

Your pet will always be looking their best and feeling healthy and happy – no more unwanted shaving down – no more problems – no more overgrown nails- no more bad “doggie smell”

Isn’t that great!!!

This program will also guarantee that your pet will be beautiful for those special occasions like Christmas and family vacations

What does your “pet gain” with this program?

More attention, more hugs and most of all, pets who come in on a regular basis for their grooming visit are more trusting, knowing that it is just a brief time in the spa and that their master will come soon to pick them up.  Your pet will be even happier coming for their next appointment and visit with their friends and play mates.

Knots “N” Tangles believes that special friends deserve special care.  We are proud to say that all of the pets that leave our spa are well-groomed, having had a positive experience and with their tail wagging!!!!

We care!!!